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Crystal Ochemba-Powell is a Licensed Esthetician and Laser Practitioner that specializes in Acne and Integrative Esthetics. Her services include solutions for Acne, Acne Scarring, Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Textured Scarring, Ingrown Hairs and Unwanted Hair Growth on the lip, jawline and chin areas. Her 360 approach assists clients in achieving optimal health of their skin and desirable results for many skin care concerns.

My philosophy is that your skin health is a 360 approach. While other professionals choose to throw products and medications at the problem, I like to take a more integrative approach and meet your skin concerns at their core. During this time, we will dig deep into the possible causes of your acne or skin concerns including diet, lifestyle, genetics, etc. At the conclusion of our time together, you will receive a clear and complete road map on how together we can achieve your desired results.

“My WHY is to help everyone feel confident and empowered. My work in beauty does just that...”

Crystal Ngozi is a Licensed Skin Therapist, Brow and Makeup Artist specializing in achieving glowing skin, full brows and flawless makeup. She is also a Certified Acne and Multicultural Skin Specialist that specializes in treating multicultural skin.

She started her career as a brand consultant for Bare Minerals. From there, her interest in makeup, technique, and artistry grew into a full-blown passion. Her signature look is a clean and flawless face, glowing skin, simple eyes and a bold lip. In an effort to better serve her makeup clientele, she became obsessed with skin care and wanted to not only achieve flawless makeup looks, but be able to take care of client’s skin.

She is now a Licensed Skin Therapist and is able to perform services including facials, brow shaping, brow tinting, lash tinting and lifting and other skin corrective skin services.

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