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Before your makeup appointment for your wedding or special event, be sure to review this Skin Prep Checklist. You can download it for free as well!


The best foundation (your skin) is a clean one. Make sure to always wash your face before your appointment.


Exfoliating your lips helps your lipstick not only last longer, but to also to lay flat and not get dry. My favorite homemade lip exfoliate can be made by using equal parts Coconut oil, Raw Sugar and Honey. Apply to your lips using a quip and gently rub your lips together. Wipe off your lips with a towel and apply chapstick immediately after. Repeat as needed each day leading up to your appointment. You won’t regret it!


Chapstick is a great preventative measure for keeping your lips healthy and hydrated. Don’t wait until the day of your appointment to stay implementing chapstick!


Your brows frame your face. For a nice, clean makeup application, you want to make sure that your brows are freshly waxed or threaded and groomed prior to your appointment. Your makeup artist will thank you!


It is best to treat breakouts and nip those little pimples in the bud. If you are acne prone like myself, you want to start treating your breakouts long before your appointment.


Once again, your makeup will look best on smooth skin. You should exfoliate weekly if you have dry skin or dry areas.


There’s nothing like seeing a professional! Getting a facial by a licensed esthetician is always a great move! He/she will be able to assist you in treating all of your problem areas to ensure clean, radiant skin.


I cannot stress the importance of moisturizing your face. Using a good moisturizer will improve elasticity in your skin and adds great hydration.


A toner gives your face that extra scrub. It helps to remove leftover makeup and oil that your cleanser may have left behind. A good toner can also add additional moisture to your skin and prevent clogged pores.


Don’t forget to use SPF on your face, especially in the summer months. SPF protects against sun damage which causes skin cancer, wrinkles and lines. Some foundations and moisturizers have SPF built in!

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