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The skin on our faces is constantly being damaged. Environmental factors such as sunlight exposure and air pollution expose the skin and cause early onsets of aging. On top of these worries, there is another thing we have to worry about—acne is one of the most common facial afflictions, which is why acne programs are popular no matter the season.

You, I, and everyone else despise acne, so why would anyone have it? Acne is a problem that affects many of us. Acne still pops up, even though many people wash their faces multiple times daily to keep it at bay.

Acne causes you to feel self-conscious about your looks when it shows up at the worst possible times. Nevertheless, that’s not even close to its worst part.

Acne scarring is a terrifying aspect of acne. People with these scars may be more self-conscious about their image because they are permanent. The good news is that you have prospects and should look into acne program options.

Acne Program Solutions

Have you ever glanced in the mirror and wished you could eliminate acne? That’s a thought that pops into our heads now and then.

Clogged pores and an overabundance of sebum are the root causes of acne, a skin condition that affects the face, chest, back, and shoulders. Even though they aren’t a sign of anything more serious, they’re still annoying. Because of this, many people put up with it.

You can choose to put up with it, but do you honestly really want to? 

Acne scar home remedies and other skincare products don’t seem to work or take long enough. Even if they work, many people are let down by their side effects. There’s a chance you’ll have to take more drastic measures, and that chance is the acne program we offer.

Your Acne Program Solutions

Ask our staff about professional skincare products if you’ve attempted over-the-counter (nonprescription) items for several weeks and haven’t helped. Acne can be controlled, acne scars can be avoided, and acne scars can be made less noticeable with our program.

Acne medications either inhibit oil production and swelling or manage a bacterial infection. There is a four to eight-week window in which most prescription acne medications are effective. Acne can take months or even years to clear up completely.

Depending on your age, the impact of your acne, and how much time and effort you are willing to put in, your doctor may recommend a specific treatment plan. For several weeks, you might, for example, have to wash and medicate the affected skin twice a day. 

Oral medications and topical medications are frequently used together. Pregnant women have fewer treatment options because of the potential for adverse effects.

Please consult with us before taking any medication or other treatment that may have side effects. As your skin improves, you might also need to reach out to us to keep in touch with the results. 

Topical Medications

Depending on the case-to-case scenario, we may offer the following topical medications based on your unique acne circumstance. You may only need a few of these items or even all of them. 


Antibiotics are successful in reducing redness and inflammation by killing excess skin bacteria. An antibiotic and a retinoid may be used for the first few months of the program, with the antibiotic applied first thing in the morning and the retinoid applied at night. Benzoyl peroxide is often used in combination with antibiotics to prevent antibiotic resistance. For example, benzoyl peroxide is used in the formulation of clindamycin and erythromycin. However, antibiotics are rarely prescribed alone and typically need to work with another item. 

Retinoid Items

For moderate acne, retinoic acid or tretinoin-based medications are often helpful. Creams, gels, and lotions are all forms of these products. Tretinoin, adapalene, and tazarotene are some examples. You begin by applying this medication three times a week, then daily as your skin becomes accustomed to it, in the evening. It keeps hair follicles clear of clogs by keeping them open. Tretinoin should not be used in concurrence with benzoyl peroxide.

Skin exposed to the sun is more vulnerable to the effects of retinoids applied topically.

Oral Medications

We may also use some oral medications to address the effects of acne. Here are some of the following items you can expect: 

Oral Antibiotics

You may need oral antibiotic options to treat moderate to severe acne. A tetracycline or a macrolide is usually the first choice for acne treatment. Pregnant or nursing women and children under the age of 8 may be able to take macrolides instead of tetracyclines.

To avoid the development of antibiotic resistance, oral antibiotics should be used for the shortest period possible. Antibiotic resistance can be minimized by using benzoyl peroxide in conjunction with these medications.

The use of antibiotics to treat acne rarely results in serious side effects. However, these medications will make your skin more vulnerable to the sun.

Anti-Androgen Agents

If oral antibiotics aren’t working for women and young girls, spironolactone (Aldactone) might be an option. It works by preventing androgen hormones from interfering with the glands that produce oil. Breast tenderness and painful menstruation are possible side effects. 


Vitamin A is the source of isotretinoin. This medication may be prescribed for those with moderate or severe acne that hasn’t responded to other treatments.

Inflammatory bowel disease, depression, and severe congenital disabilities are all possible side effects of oral isotretinoin. All patients taking isotretinoin must participate in a risk management program approved by the Food and Drug Administration. If there are any side effects, they’ll need regular checkups with their doctors.


We may use many prescribed items for your specific acne program to address acne. As you can see, many of these items have side effects, so extra care is needed. That’s why, if you want to address your acne, consider contacting our clinic, Crystal Ngozi Beauty & Esthetics. We offer acne guides to help you eliminate acne without any unwanted side effects. 

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