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Makeup Service Preparation Guide

Makeup Service Preparation Guide

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Please review and/or download the below guidelines for optimal makeup service

provided by Crystal Ngozi Beauty.

  1. Arrive to appointment with a clean, moisturized skin (avoid using SPF)

  2. Avoid using SPF and retinols at least 24-48 hours to appointment

  3. Arrive to appointment with clean, groomed brows (waxed, tweezed, or threaded)

  4. Make sure that all facial waxing is done at least 4-7 days prior to makeup appointment

  5. Exfoliate lips the night prior to your appointment (DIY Tip: combine raw sugar with coconut or olive oil to gently exfoliate your lips; apply lip balm immediately after)

  6. Apply lip balm the night prior and the day of appointment

For questions please contact Crystal Ngozi: [email protected]

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